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Probiotics for Pets and Animals

October 21, 2013

Probiotics for Pets and Animals

There is a growing appreciation for the health benefits of probiotics for both adults and children, but did you know that probiotics are also important for the health of our furry family members? Holistic veterinarians have been supporting their animal patients’ gastrointestinal health with probiotics for pets and livestock for years.

As in humans, the gastrointestinal tract of an animal is home to a diverse population of beneficial bacteria that help maintain general health and wellness. The proper balance of healthy bacteria is very important to dogs, cats, livestock, and even birds.

A pet with a healthy, well functioning digestive system will have a good appetite, firm stools, little gas, fresh breath, and plenty of energy. An imbalance in your pet’s digestive flora can result in diarrhea or constipation, gas, bad breath, less energy, reduced appetite, foul-smelling stools, a rumbling stomach, and other symptoms.

Natren’s convenient gel formula probiotic for dogs, Caninedophilus®, and gel probiotic for cats, Felinedophilus®, are especially helpful to maintain healthy intestinal flora when your pet is stressed, having and/or nursing puppies or kittens, being weaned, being transported, undergoing a change in diet, on antibiotics, being dewormed, undergoing intensive training, shedding, or during extreme changes in the weather.

Natren’s animal probiotics are specially formulated to support the intestinal health and general wellness of your pets and livestock. Natren uses only live bacteria super strains chosen for their effectiveness in aiding digestion, improving nutrient absorption, and providing comprehensive support through the entire GI tract.

Natren’s pet probiotic supplements are manufactured in their International Drug GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified state-of-the-art plant, under the highest pharmaceutical manufacturing standards. Natren’s unique proprietary Trenev Process® process keeps the live bacteria in their natural environment (supernatant) to ensure potency and effectiveness, substantially increasing their probiotic benefits for pets and eliminating the need for additives such as FOS (a type of sugar).

Like probiotics for humans, probiotics for animals are acutely affected by light, heat and moisture, which kill the live bacteria, so they must be stored correctly. The majority of probiotics for dogs and other pets are sold in white plastic containers that do not efficiently block light or moisture, and are stored at room temperature. So when you buy pet probiotics off the shelf in a pet store or order online, what you largely get are dead bacteria. Natren stores small-quantity, powder probiotics in amber glass bottles with metal lids, and refrigerates its pet probiotic products from manufacture through delivery. That is the only way to protect the live bacteria from light, heat, and moisture, and to guarantee that Natren probiotics arrive at your home at full potency.

Natren is committed to supporting the health of your entire family, including your pets. Natren’s custom probiotics for dogs, cats, and other pets help give your furry family members the benefit of healthy digestive and immune systems.

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