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The Truth In Labels

July 09, 2018

The Truth In Labels

Transparency… Honest labeling… Presenting the consumer with accurate information.

How is this even a question? It seems like a no brainer and is certainly not too much to ask for, but for years it was almost impossible to find out basic information on foods and supplements. Now consumers have a much easier time getting the information they need. Knowledge makes for better decisions and creates confidence in the consumer.

Shout It Out Loud

One would think that when you make a superior product, you would want the world and your customers to know everything about it, and certainly everything they need to. So perhaps not being open and honest on a label means that a company is trying to hide something. This should cause some concern, especially when it comes to supplements and things you actually put in your body.

Clearly all probiotics are not the same. Many companies do not even make their own probiotics, and barely adhere to any labeling standards. There is one company who not only helped set the standards but goes way beyond them.

Their mission is to make and manufacture their top rated probiotic supplements, and also to educate the public on the use and benefits of probiotics. People deserve and need to know that they are getting exactly what they paid for, and honesty is a pillar of Natren’s philosophy. Deception and bad probiotics are simply not healthy for anyone.

Keeping It Real

Producing the very best probiotics supplements should be the mission of every probiotics company. Providing actual health benefits and being clear and transparent with product information and ingredients will help form a real bond of trust with customers. The goal is to keep everyone happy and healthy. Quality is key, as is honest labeling. Yet sometimes, even when all of the information is right there, reading and understanding a label can be confusing. How do we digest all of the information so that we know exactly what we are getting and the specific benefits of each product?

What To Look For

To give you all the clarity you will need, here is a primer on how to read the Natren label. This way you can compare it with other companies and see exactly what you should be looking for.

  1. Potency Guarantee – The potency should be guaranteed until the expiration date for each species/strain listed on the label.
  2. Storage Instructions – Proper storage conditions should be listed on the label and followed during all stages of the distribution chain. Shelf stable probiotics are a myth.

Natren takes considerable steps to ensure their probiotics survive storage, shipping and are handled correctly.

  1. Viable (Live) Cell Count – The minimum number of colony forming units (CFUs) per serving and for each species/strain should be clearly stated on the label. CFUs are the industry standard and approved scientific method for counting live bacteria cells. Weight measurements include both living and dead cells, so this does not provide a live cell count. Don’t accept a total cell count on a label if it does not break down the potency in CFUs for each species/strain.
  2. Proper Identification of Probiotic Bacteria – All microorganisms listed on the probiotic label should be identified at a minimum by both the genus and species names. Strains should be included for better transparency. Without this information you have no idea what you are taking and therefore can’t know what benefit you are getting from the product.
  3. Manufacturer Information – Any easy way to find more information about the product is provided directly on the label, often in the form of a URL for the website. This level of transparency is becoming more and more important for all nutritional supplements.
  4. Honest and Approved Label Claims – If there are claims for specific health benefits the consumer needs to know what the sources of those claims are.

So now you understand what it means to be transparent, honest and accurate. It’s really the only way to be. And you know specifically what to look for to help you make the best decisions on which specific probiotic products to use. To learn more about the truth in labels, tips on getting healthy and to purchase the very best probiotics, visit

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