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Who Else Has Been In That Cookie Jar?

July 13, 2018

Who Else Has Been In That Cookie Jar?

Know Where Your Food Is From And Where It Has Been

There are real pleasures in strolling a farmers market, or even the produce aisles of a grocery store. The sights and smells all tantalize the senses. Touch is also important in order to determine the quality and freshness. However, if we are all doing that, think about all the other people that may be doing it, too. That is a lot of different hands touching your fruits and vegetables.

Knowing exactly where your food comes from is a big thing these days. Foodies like specific information, and the more precise the better. They want to know not only the state it hails from and how far it travels, but also the city and town, and even down to the very farm or producer. Heck, your socks come with “Inspected By #9” stickers, so shouldn’t you know who is producing your food?

Yet even with top quality and organic products, there is always the risk of airborne illness. Think about the last lettuce recall and how often that seems to happen. There are so many dangers lurking out there, some obvious and some almost invisible.

You Wash Your Hands, Others Might Not

When it comes to hygiene, and if your food is properly handled, that is a whole other thing. Not that we should be eating candy, but the other day I saw a kid stick his hands into several candy bins and what he touched went right back in. The parents did nothing to stop him either. That’s just another good reason to stay away from the candy bins. The same goes for that cookie jar you have on the counter.

People tend to not pay attention, even adults. This also happens at those bulk item bins in the markets, even when there are gloves or utensils to use. Did the other shoppers properly wash their hands? Were they sick? You just don’t know whose germs are coming home with you and the food you just purchased.

When You Eat Out, What Is Going In?

We all love free samples. And grazing at certain stores is fun. Yet this is a breeding ground for bacteria or yeast that could be in the containers as they sit out all day.

And what about eating out? Have you ever had a great meal, only to be sick or experience stomach issues a few hours later? The best kitchens are extremely clean and teach their staff proper hygiene and food handling protocol. Many states have now adopted the grade system, and while you may think an “A” is safe, things can change from day to day. The problem is you just never know exactly what you are getting along with your meal, or even in it. Books by chefs and restaurant owners spell it out. Go back and read some of Anthony Bourdain’s stories. It’s scary.

So what can we do? We can pass by those tasting stations and save our calories, or we can keep ourselves better protected, which we should be doing anyway. A healthy diet and exercise is so important, and so are probiotics. They should be a part of your daily routine. Probiotics are “live organisms” and healthy bacteria that help restore the body’s vital microflora. They can boost our immunity, aid in digestion and possibly fend off those things that may be present in our food that we were not expecting, like germs and bad bacteria. Going into that cookie jar and having a treat every once in a while is okay. Just wash your hands, and make sure you stay smart, safe and healthy. Go ahead and enjoy your cookies and milk… and your probiotics.


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