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A Proactive Approach to Men’s Health May Save Your Life

July 11, 2017

A Proactive Approach to Men’s Health May Save Your Life

What does it take to get you to see a doctor? If you are like 63 percent of men in a recent survey, you probably would not seek medical care unless you are in severe, prolonged pain- vomiting, itching or even bleeding is not enough to get you there.

The survey of 2,000 men shed some interesting light on the male point of view when it comes to health . ln real life, some guys say that going to the doctor is a “chick thing,” yet more than one-third of dudes in the survey said that a spouse or significant other is the most powerful motivator for them to see a clinician.

Nearly half of the men participating in the survey said going to the doctor made them feel nervous, anxious or scared. Half of the participants said their biggest fear was learning they might have a serious problem .

The men in the survey took only a semi-proactive approach to their health, yet most of the survey participants said they wanted to live into their 80s or longer. Only about half of the men said they worried about their health at the time of the survey.

If you’re like most of the men in the survey, you want to be healthy as you age but you may not always take the necessary steps to get healthy and stay that way. Going to the doctor, getting regular exercise and eating a nutritious diet are the three most important things you can do to take care of your body.

Preventive care from an integrative health care doctor combined with taking personal responsibility for your health, good food and frequent physical activity can reduce your risk for medical problems, such as diabetes and cancer. While genetics certainly play a role in whether you will develop a serious illness like heart disease, taking a proactive approach to health can prevent or delay the onset of some of the conditions commonly affecting men today. Researchers are also looking into the genetics of our microbes, the microbes on and in our body bear more genetic information than we do. Scientists now believe that more than 99% of the genetic material we carry is microbial and it’s increasingly being referred to as the “second genome.” The questions remains- can we shape or reshape this second genome?


Schedule routine appointments with your doctor- and actually keep those appointments. Routine health checks are more important once you reach your 40s. Your doctor will perform a physical examination, listen to your lungs, and do a prostate check. The exam will also include a blood pressure, heart rate, body weight, and cholesterol check- be sure to write down the results so that you can monitor and improve them.

You can monitor some aspects of your health at home, and technology makes home health monitoring easier and more useful than ever before. You can now record and monitor certain aspects of your health over time, which gives you ultimate visibility and awareness of your overall health .

Take a proactive approach and perform self-checks at home- enlist the help of your spouse or partner, as needed. Look for odd moles, lumps or bumps. Check your testicles regularly.

Your doctor will perform screening tests during your regular routine. These preventive screenings can include checking your skin for new skin growths or changes to existing moles. Tell your doctor if you notice that a mole has changed size or color, or has become more irregular. Notify your doctor of any irregularities or lumps in your testicles or elsewhere on your body.


Taking a proactive approach to good health is easier than you think. Replace processed food with fruits and vegetables at every opportunity. Do at least 30 minutes of vigorous exercise on most days each week. However, be aware that too much exercise or too vigorous of exercise can also be contra indicatory to your health . Common sense with exercise routines is an important virtue, avoid injuries by not running or doing extreme exercise if you are not in appropriate physical shape.

Take a daily pro biotic supplement to support the beneficial bacteria living in your gut. Probiotics improve nutrient absorption, boost your immune system, fights foodborne illness, and provides other health benefits. Adding one capsule of Natren’s potent 3-in-1 HEALTHY TRINITY every day is one of the best ways to take a proactive approach to your health. At Natren we refer to these as the 3 Pillars of Health: Probiotics, Diet and Exercise- each tailored to the individuals’ specific needs.

Seize control of your health today by taking a proactive approach to the three pillars of your health.

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