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Family Wellness

May 19, 2014

Family Wellness

The month of May has been declared “Family Wellness Month”. The first thing we ask is – why only a month? Of course, these designated “months” are a great opportunity to draw attention to a particular cause – and this is one that is particularly worthy, and we have dedicated our company to fulfilling.

Family wellness means wellness inside and out for everyone. Obviously, as a probiotic manufacturer and supplier, we have a huge focus on digestive health for the entire family – from our Life Start products for infants and expectant mothers, through to our Healthy Start powders, which can be subtly added to any food to add probiotic goodness to any meal, and our most potent flagship probiotic – Healthy Trinity capsules – all intended to keep the whole family fit and healthy.

This is great for health and physical fitness, but there is more to it than that. Which of these scenarios best describes “Family Wellness”:

1.      Kids on the sofa with a bag of Cheetos, playing X-Box. Mom in the kitchen microwaving yet another pre-packaged TV dinner, no interaction, no family connection.

2.      Family working together. Kids helping Mom prepare a healthy meal using fresh ingredients, chatting and teaching while doing so. Big happy smiles all round.

OK, we all know that these are two extremes, and not everyone is the model family straight from a soap-powder advertisement. But it does make a point – which of these scenarios best describes your family?

Perhaps family wellness month can be a little motivation for us all to get closer to that “live-right-eat-right” nirvana. We can use it at as trigger to get the kids to eat their greens, to get the family out for a weekend hike, to pay another visit to Grandma. To connect.

All of this sounds good on paper – here are a couple of ideas that may help turn these ideals into reality.

  • Grab a Frisbee and head down to the local park. You’d be surprised what a difference an hour or two of family activity will make to everyone’s attitude. A few endorphins and a little more oxygen will help bring everyone together.
  • Do something a little different for dinner tonight, and make it a family event. Help the kids make home-made kebabs for the BBQ, try a new recipe, make it a special candle-lit dinner – whatever your circumstances, there is always something you can do that is special that takes a little more effort and makes a lot of difference.
  • Reach out to someone special. A phone call, Skype or even handwritten letter will touch someone distant in your family more than your realize.

Only Natren probiotics can be customized to each family members’ needs.  A probiotic regimen is as important as the right amount of exercise and a healthy diet.  Digestive health leads to immune and brain health which leads to healthier, happier and more productive lives.

Family Wellness can be more that just making you feel good – it can mean making your family feel special too.

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