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Probiotics On The Grill – Healthy Summer Snacking

June 21, 2018

Probiotics On The Grill – Healthy Summer Snacking

Okay, so we’re not actually grilling probiotics. That would be strange. Especially since Natren’s probiotics arrive cold, like a sweet summer watermelon cooler. Ooh, that sounds good. Summer is about enjoying the heat and the outdoors, and also cooling ourselves down. We take vacations, we play outside, and we hike and swim. We also eat… and sometimes too much.

Summer foods are delicious. Fresh vegetables, corn on the cob and some amazing, seasonal fruit are plentiful. If we stick with whole foods and single ingredients that is always better, but with parties and get-togethers and family barbecues, we have a tendency of overeating and sometimes we overindulge in junk food. Like anything in life, it’s about balance. Splurge every once in a while, but if you want to keep yourself on track, especially when you know you have a food-heavy event coming up, you must plan ahead. Arriving somewhere starving is usually a recipe for bad snacking, and immediately grabbing the first thing you see, which is usually not the best choice.

The Inner Beach Body

The most important thing about a beach body is what is going on INSIDE of it. Yes, we all want to look good and fit into our favorite swimsuits and bikinis, but being healthy on summer break is far more essential. Be happy wherever you’re at, and take control of your own eating habits. Planning ahead and having healthy options at the ready and for on-the-go will make a huge difference. So will taking your daily probiotic and keeping that gut happy and healthy.

Summer Tips

Here are a few basic tips, and some recipe ideas to make sure you have a Super Summer!

Sugar is not so sweet. Researchers have determined that sugar had a much stronger link to heart disease than saturated fat. So stay away from things that have sugars, artificial sugars, and colors.

No fat, no good. Be wary of the no-fat or low fat diet fads and products. The new guidelines state that you don’t need to cut fat out of your diet completely. Fat is an essential macronutrient, so again, everything in moderation.

Read the label! Foods you THINK are healthy may not be. So many yogurts these days are filled with chemicals, sugars and sweeteners. This completely undermines the health benefits of this wonderful functional food. The probiotic benefits are diminished as the food becomes more processed.

Summer Snackin’ Tips

When you are packing that basket for a day at the beach, a picnic at the park or a great summer concert, make sure you bring your daily probiotics and try some of these healthy, filling and satisfying snack and food ideas.

Summer Toast

Avocado toast is the rage these days, and it is something easily made at home… and actually travels well.

Find a loaf of your favorite bread and cut it into nice, thick slices. Raise your bread and make a toast… or just put it in your toaster.

Pick your favorite variety of avocados, and mash them up.

Spread them on the toast and season with some artisanal salt, limejuice and whatever else you can dream up. Sliced hardboiled eggs, tomatoes, hot sauce… anything can work. The key is to have fun and experiment.

And if you want these to travel well, keep the avocado and toppings separate until you get to your destination.

Sweet And Savory Summer Poppers

Here are two versions of a perfect one-bite snack.

Take a dozen large strawberries, scoop out the center and set aside.

Take an avocado, pit it, and dice it into small cubes

Mix in a bowl with some Feta cheese

Stuff the strawberries with the mixture, and drizzle with balsamic if desired, or serve without.

For a variety, do the exact same thing with large grape or cherry tomatoes. Scoop them out, stuff them and serve.

You can also add 1-2 Tbs plain yogurt to make the poppers smoother and less salty

Sweet Summer Watermelon Cooler

This one is so simple. Rather than juicing and losing all the pulp and meat, take some chunks of cold watermelon and throw them in a blender.

Pour into a tall, cold glass and drink with a straw. Or pour it into a freezer safe container and save it for later as a Watermelon Ice. You can also mix in some yogurt and berries to the blender for a Watermelon Cooler Smoothie.

And speaking of yogurt…

Culture In A Jar

This is another one where the sky of your imagination is the limit.

Take a mason jar and put whatever you would like on the bottom… granola, fruit, honey, maple syrup, or a combination of all of it.

Frozen fruit is ideal to keep things cool for travel.

Cover the “toppings” with as much healthy yogurt as you want.

When you get to where you are going, mix and enjoy. This is a great afternoon snack, or an easy and healthy breakfast on-the-go, to start your summer day off right.

And if you really want to control the quality of your yogurt, make your own! You heard us right. Check out how right here on Natren. And order your own Yogurt Starter from

Here’s to a safe, happy and healthy summer.

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