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What is Good Health Worth to You?

November 10, 2014

What is Good Health Worth to You?

Everything we do at Natren we do because we care.   Our probiotics aren’t just good, they’re the best.  Yes, we’re a little biased because we started on this journey nearly 4 decades ago and pioneered the probiotic bandwagon not only here in the U.S. but across the globe.   In fact, if you could string together every Healthy Trinity capsule that we’ve manufactured,  we’re certain we’d encircle the globe many times over.   Yes, we know that Natren probiotics are very different from ordinary probiotics,  and we’re definitely making every effort to stand out from the rest.  We also know how important it is to offer you the highest quality probiotic and you can’t do that by cutting corners.

When you compare Natren to the other brands, we know that Natren is definitely a little pricier than most, but you have to ask yourself – can you really put a price on having good health,  freedom from digestive issues, healthy glowing skin, body, and mind?  No, we don’t think so either.   You not only deserve to be healthy but you deserve the very best, and that’s exactly who we are!

Built on Real Science

Natren probiotics are built on a foundation of solid scientific research. Not only are we continually researching ways to improve our products, but we also utilize scientific studies from around the globe. By tapping into proven scientific data, we are able to build the finest quality, most effective and efficacious probiotics on the market.

Pharmaceutical Grade Probiotics

We’re proudly manufactured in our own state of the art manufacturing facility right here in Southern California.  Every batch is freshly produced and delivered within 2 days right to your doorstep in thermally controlled boxes.  We call it our white glove service.   Our Natren manufacturing plant, is cGMP (current good manufacturing processes) certified and regularly audited  according to international Swiss pharmaceutical standards.  We’re even audited by the Australian Therapeutic Good Agency (TGA).  We don’t know of any other probiotic company that can say they do the same.

Guaranteed Freshness

We guarantee the potency of every probiotic right until the expiration date – something that we clearly display on the packaging. This is critical when choosing a probiotic because you need the bacteria to be alive when you consume them or they can’t do their job.  Why would you want to consume dead organisms?  Where’s the benefit in that?

Effective Delivery System

Our proprietary delivery system in our flagship probiotic Healthy Trinity,  ensures that each of the three super strains of live bacteria are micro-enrobed in a unique oil delivery system so that they make it past your harsh, corrosive stomach acid and into the intestines ALIVE where they do their work.  We call this the Trenev Process.  Our other secret to your good health is that Natren leaves the supernatant intact. The Supernatant is the nutritional culturing medium that is produced during the manufacturing process.  The supernatant – is as significantly effective as the probiotic strain itself.  Most probiotic brands get rid of the supernatant in order to streamline the production process — something that saves them a lot of money. The problem with cutting costs this way is that the other companies are selling you a product that will die within the stomach – completely defeating the purpose. When you think about buying a cheap product that does nothing – it doesn’t seem like such a good deal anymore.

Real Life Testimonials

This can all seem a bit overwhelming and self-serving coming directly from a probiotic brand – so don’t just take our word for it. Read about how real life people have benefited from Natren probiotics on our testimonial page, then try Natren probiotics yourself and live the difference!

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