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Why Natren?

April 19, 2013

Why Natren?


Welcome to the new Natren Probiotic Blog – here we hope to provide our visitors with helpful and informative insights from the world of probiotics, tips for taking care of your body and a variety of healthy living topics. We hope this will be a useful addition to your busy and healthy lifestyle.

With the surge of interest in holistic approaches to health and the focus on preventive care, Natren’s impact on the health industry continues to multiply. Natasha is consistently asked to educate both consumers and medical professionals around the world about the benefits of probiotics. One of the top questions she is asked is “what makes Natren different from other products on the market”?

Of course there are many answers to this question, but we think the most important is the complex process of getting the key active ingredient – live bacteria – from our manufacturing facility in Westlake Village, California, to the right spot in our customer’s digestive tract, and for it still to be alive when it gets there.

This is tougher than it sounds. Firstly, there are the environmental aspects of getting the bottle from manufacture to the customer. Heat kills bacteria, which is why Natren uses climate-controlled shipping containers and 2-day delivery on all direct orders (and similar temperature controlled shipping to retail outlets). Even the bottles are designed using dark glass and metal lids to reduce harmful exposure from moisture and light. Then there is the product itself – Healthy Trinity selects specific strains of beneficial bacteria, and packages them in a protective oil matrix delivery system, which keeps the strains separate, intact and alive through the harsh journey across the country and through the stomach – so that when the probiotic bacteria finally reaches your intestine, it is fighting-fit and ready to do its work.

What really makes Natren different is the way we guarantee the potency of the product. Unlike many products on the market, we guarantee that when correctly handled, the product has live and viable Colony Forming Units (CFU) of each strain all the way through the printed expiration date on the bottle, not just “at the time of manufacture”. This potency guarantee is verified by an intergovernmental agency (TGA), which independently validates these claims.

This is an important difference that every buyer of probiotics must be aware of – understand that probiotics are live products, and make sure the one you select is of the highest quality so that it is ready to do the work that your body needs when it finally reaches its destination.

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